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How To Get The Best Out Of The Public Speaking Club

How To Get The Best Out Of The Public Speaking Club

Hey there.

You may be wondering how to make sure that the public speaking club works so well for you.

Well, today, we want to share with you 3 tips to make the best of the Fordax public speaking club which you indicated interest to join:

  1. Take control of your practices. The goal of the club is for further practice and rehearsal for you. In order to get the best of that, you have to intentionally plan all your speeches BEFORE the club opens. This will help you to always deliver your best in every meeting.
  2. Stretch yourself. Don’t get too used to doing the same kind of presentation. Take up more challenging types of presentation like delivering a funny presentation, or business presentation or technical presentation.
  3. Do more than just attend. The Fordax Public Speaking Club is not another intensive training program, it’s just a club for meeting and personal development. So try and make new friends, and learn about new things from other people’s topics. Also, try to record a podcast or video with any of the club members. Try something new and inspiring.

Joining a public speaking club is always exciting.  Don’t be afraid to join and don’t be afraid to attend even if it’s once a week.

Don’t hold yourself back from this very important journey to personal development.


Some people have registered for the club against 2023. Once we hit 20 registrations, we charge an additional fee for people looking to join for the month.

Please go ahead and subscribe now to secure your seat.

The club is opening in February 2023.

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