Master public speaking by SPEAKING

This brand new forum helps people master public speaking by actually speaking in front of groups every week... Every month...

This club will be launched in January 2023

About the club

The Abuja Public Speaking Club is a forum where career and business executives learn public speaking and presentation skills by actually speaking in front of other people and getting feedback.

The club provides a conducive atmosphere for members to practice and rehearse their presentations in front of a live audience with the goal of getting feedback.

What the club is not?

Benefits of the club?

Who can join the club?


The Abuja Public Speaking Club is organized by Nigeria’s leading public speaking training school, Fordax Academy Abuja.

Every Tuesday from 5pm

At The Fordax Office in Utako – 2nd Floor, Peace Mass Plaza (B), Opposite Utako Micro Finance Bank, FCT Abuja.

No, the club is not a workshop or seminar. It’s a public speaking club where members take turns to speak and get feedback in order to refine their presentation skills. There are public speaking coaches around for assistance.